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fredag 21 september 2012

A Story For Earth

Tidigare på min andra blogg har jag skrivit ett inlägg om boken Chinese  Medicine for Maximum Immunity av författarna Jason Elias och Katherine Ketcham. Håller på att läsa den för fullt och hittade en sådan fantastisk historia i boken som jag vill dela med mig till er.

A story to remind us that we do not have to leave home to find fulfillment, for "heaven" is contained within.

God created the world and was happy. On the seventh day, he decided it was time to rest, but Adam called out: "God, I've got a problem!" and then Eve called with problems of her own ("God, Adam is trying to feed me this apple, what should I do?") and then that quarrelsome pair had hundreds of children who had hundreds of children and God was thoroughly exhausted with all their problems and demands for his time. Calling a meeting of his ministers, he announced, "I'm afraid I've created a monster and I must find a place to hide."
" How about the top of the Himalayas?" suggested one of his ministers.
"No", God replied, "I'm afraid you don't understand what I've created.... in just a few moments measured by my time they will be there."
"What about the moon?" suggeste another.
"No," God replied wearily, "in just a few minutes more they will be there, too".
Suddenly a smile spread over God's face. "I know where they will never look! I'll hide inside human beings themselves."
And to this day, that is where God is hiding.

Ljus och kärlek!   /Ulrica

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